ICM FACTORY DIRECT is a specialized manufacturer of logoed sporting apparel, founded in 1996. With our own factories, we produce high-quality shirts, headwear, and custom embroidery. Our extensive experience in Asia gives us unparalleled knowledge and access to excellent materials at competitive prices. We excel in balancing the cost benefits of Asian manufacturing with established sales and distribution channels in the First World, offering a range of choices to suit various budgets and business models.

Seamless Sewing Machines

Our Classic product range includes headwear, shirts, bags, and accessories that can be embroidered with your client’s logo. We accommodate orders of any size and customize products to meet your clients’ promotional and budgetary needs. Our classic products are made to order from our stock fabrics and materials, giving you the flexibility to order on demand. We take pride in delivering top-of-the-line service and fast turnaround times to give you the maximum competitive advantage. Classic Products can easily complement your existing product range.

At ICM, we continuously seek new products and ideas, reflecting our latest discoveries in fabrics, finishing, and accessories. ICM is our premium product line that incorporates innovative features such as UV protection, sweat-proof products, and breathable waterproof apparel. These products can be sold under the ICM label or branded according to your specifications.

We also offer customized subcontracted manufacturing services for a wide range of products. Based in Vietnam, we provide exceptional quality and competitive pricing, matching the level of service and quality control expected from a US-based manufacturer. We make garments, bags, jackets, and various other textile products based on our customers’ needs. We cater to clients who demand the highest quality in workmanship and materials, while also using low-cost materials and production methods to achieve very low unit costs for budget-conscious customers.


ICM specializes in small to mid-size orders, with MOQ’s as low as 25 units per order. Our customers operate in the team sports uniform arena, events, corporate promotional apparel, and sports brands.